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Olimpia Splendid is a firm believer that Research & Development should always go hand in hand with the utmost respect of environment. We demonstrate this belief by designing our product offering, focused on industry best performance, while reducing the use of natural resources. In fact, Olimpia Splendid uses select recyclable raw materials, therefore minimizing the environmental impact, and most importantly, we thrive to heavily invest in renewable sources of energy.


Olimpia Splendid’s products and manufactutring processes impact of the environment is a key design concept that accompanies every phase of the product’s life cycle: from the product design phase, to selection of components and disposal of materials at end of product life.


During the product design phase, Olimpia Splendid selects industry leading technologies and components that provide maximum energy efficiency with minimum environmental impact.

Olimpia Splendid has a unique perspective when it comes to our products aesthetics, by partnering with well-known Italian designers and architecture firms with the goal of providing a unique look and feel to our product line, especially since the HVAC industry is not known for have “sexy” aesthetics. This selling propostion allows Olimpia Splendid to differentiate our product offering versus the competition and from the exterior to blend in with the building architecture, and from the interior offer products that are unobtrusive with minimal aesthetic impact. We strive to achieve sleek, clean, eye pleasing designs, for example with our UNICO® product offering of thru the wall air conditioners and heat pumps, which have saved numerous cities in Europe from the unattractive look of hundreds of thousands of units ruining historic building facades. We also have our Bi2® fan coil product offering has a unique design that blends in perfectly with interior architecture. Olimpia Splendid Made in Italy products have great curb appeal.



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